Sala DoDonu Ltd

“Straight Path”

Sala DoDonu is committed to sustainable social, cultural and economic development that directly benefits Indigenous Fijian people.

The name Sala DoDonu means “straight path” in English and reflects the straight path we chart for all parties represented in any facilitation process.

We listen carefully to traditional landowners and elders and learn about what they want to achieve in their communities—including vital spiritual and cultural considerations. We then match their vision for the future with credible business opportunities and work alongside them throughout the life of any project.

Sala DoDonu Ltd is a privately owned company.  We facilitate projects and business investments in Fiji that deliver long-term social, cultural and economic benefits to Fiji’s Mataqali people.

Expert facilitators

Developing a solid union between Indigenous people, business, investors and government is not only possible, but is also an essential part of successful, sustainable community development.

Sala DoDonu has a wealth of experience working in Fiji and with Indigenous communities in Australia. We also have a strong track record in delivering significant architectural, engineering and construction projects in both countries. To do this, we harness our substantial professional network to provide an extensive range of services.

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Important community benefits

Providing employment opportunities for young local people is an important aspect of our work and we see this as a critical way to build skills and pathways that will continue to benefit Indigenous communities.

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