Sala DoDonu has had extensive experience working with Indigenous communities both in Fiji and in Australia. Every project brings a unique set of circumstances, cultural considerations and goals to achieve. We listen carefully to the Project brief and customise our service to ensure a beneficial outcome is possible for all involved.

We are responsive and flexible and have run projects in a range of capacities including as:

  • facilitators between Indigenous communities, government and business
  • agents charged with implementing traditional owner projects
  • advisors/managers of design, architecture, engineering and construction aspects of projects
  • intermediaries to interpret cultural, spiritual and business nuances between all participants before agreements are reached.

Employment is key

We know that employment drives economies and can provide a pathway to a skilled future. Sala DoDonu is committed to incorporating project-based employment opportunities, particularly for young Indigenous Fijians, whenever we work in communities. After all, an investment in skilling young people is a long-term investment in the local area.

Key Fiji-based projects. Sala DoDonu is currently undertaking the following projects in Fiji:

Mataqali Dawadigo (Narewa Village) Resort Concept

Narewa Village is located on the main island of Viti Levu on Kings Road on the North West Coast. Sala DoDonu is working with traditional landowners to establish a sustainable development that also provides employment for young people from the village.

This Resort-style development is one of several concepts being considered, and once finalised, expressions of interest will be sought from:

  •      Resort Management companies
  •      Backpacker Adventure or management companies
  •      Charter Fishing lodge operators.

Katudrau subdivision Raki Raki Township Province of Ra, Viti Levu Island

On behalf of the traditional owners (Mataqali Masiratu) Sala DoDonu is developing a 36-lot subdivision on Ilkini Road Raki Raki Township.  The subdivision planning and design has been completed and final approvals are expected in early 2013, which will allow the construction process to commence. Download a sales plan for this development and secure your piece of paradise.

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