Services we Offer

Sala DoDonu believes Indigenous people should be able to make informed decisions about their land and the future of their communities. We also believe that by providing smart guidance around projects and agreements, the benefits that result can be enjoyed by communities long into the future.

Facilitation services

Sala DoDonu’s primary focus is to:

  • facilitate the cultural, spiritual, strategic, business and construction interests of traditional Fijian landowners, including:

                –  developing business plans and strategic plans

                – coordinating feasibility studies

                –  managing design, architecture, engineering and construction

                – seeking investors/finance for Mataqali projects

                – facilitating employment for young people.

  • navigate a “straight path” for government and business so the interests of all parties are balanced
  • translate issues to ensure all parties are fully informed before any agreement is reached.

The Sala DoDonu “way”

Cross-cultural facilitation can only be successful when the best interests of landowners are central to the process, and when the interests of government and business can be maintained via the process. To deliver these outcomes we:

  • listen respectfully to the wishes of elders regarding cultural and spiritual values
  • sit with traditional owners and develop their plans for the future
  • include plans for the children and grandchildren of future generations
  • interpret these plans for government and business so they can understand and allow for the cultural and spiritual values and wishes of traditional owners
  • explain business plans to traditional owners so they can understand what business needs
  • act as an agent to implement traditional owner, business or government projects.

Additional services

In addition to our facilitation and advisory services, we harness our professional network to provide a range of complementary services that can help deliver a successful project and build skills and knowledge within the community. These services predominantly include training in:

  • cultural awareness (for anyone wanting to do business with or invest in Fiji)
  • risk, quality, project, supply chain, and contract management
  • practical project and construction management
  • contract management lifecycle administration
  • contractor management
  • supply chain and logistics planning and management
  • manufacturing and fabrication planning and management
  • safe food supply chain expertise
  • information technology solutions and services
  • business and strategic planning
  • business improvement facilitation.

Contact us to discuss in more detail about any of our services or read further about our track record and investment opportunities.