About Sala DoDonu

Sala DoDonu Ltd is a privately owned company.  We facilitate projects and business investments in Fiji that deliver long-term social, cultural and economic benefits to Fiji’s Mataqali people. The name Sala DoDonu means “straight path” in English and reflects the straight path we chart for all parties represented in any facilitation process.


Why Fiji?

Sala DoDonu Ltd was established in 2005, following a period of time when we (the Directors) worked together on Australian Indigenous projects.  During that time, we observed how outcomes often fell well short of traditional owner interests and recognised an opportunity to do this better. By combining our broad project management, construction and facilitation experience in Indigenous communities, with a deep understanding of Fijian culture and spirituality, we committed to assist Mataqali achieve their goals for their land and future.


What we do

On behalf of Indigenous Fijian landowners, Sala DoDonu works with business, corporations, financial institutions, and government to manage projects, ventures and agreements.

We provide a cultural bridge between traditional owners’ plans for their communities, and the key partners who can help realise them, in addition to offering a wide range of services.


Our philosophy

Our experience has shown that the seemingly simple process of negotiating an agreement between Indigenous communities and key partners becomes difficult when assumptions are made. While many agreements can be reached, they are rarely mutually beneficial, and are often unsustainable.

Sala DoDonu aims to ensure that all agreements and projects achieve mutually beneficial, sustainable, long-term benefits.  The key to achieving this is two-fold: listening and respect.


Who we are


Saimoni Davui, Director

Saimoni Davui
Saimoni Davui

Saimoni facilitates and interprets Indigenous cultural values and nuances and applies them to a Western context, playing a key role in cross-cultural dealings for the Queensland Courts, Indigenous elders and young people alike.

While Saimoni’s Australian work has predominantly unfolded in Rockhampton, Mornington Island, Weipa and Aurukun communities, his cultural roots remain with Fiji and he recognises the values and protocols inherent within his native culture. Saimoni is dedicated to the betterment of his people and holds dual Australian and Fijian Citizenship.



Graham Mannix, Director

Graham Mannix
Graham Mannix

Extensive design and construction experience in remote tropical areas, coupled with an understanding of and empathy for Indigenous people, makes Graham Mannix an invaluable part of business investment and government facilitation processes with Indigenous communities.

Graham’s 50-year career in the construction and engineering industry includes 40 years running businesses, 20 of which have been spent in Far North Queensland. He is a Licenced Building Contractor and has received a number of awards for tropical Indigenous housing design. Graham is an Australian Citizen.




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